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FAQ, Law Office of Monica V. Marroquin, APC, Upland, CA

Q: Immigration: What will happen to my spouse/parent/child with the new executive action?

A: Attorney Marroquin will be hosting a free informational seminar regarding this topic (date and time to be set) please check back for instructions on how to enroll.

Q: Family Law: Do I have to let my spouse see the children even if he/she is not paying child support?

A: If a child custody and visitation plan has been established it should be complied with irrespective of whether the non-custodial parent is paying support. However, there are remedies to the failure to pay support including garnishment of wages, liens on assets, and contempt charges.

Q: Criminal: Do I need any attorney to represent me in court?

A: The criminal system requires an understanding of your rights and procedures. Given that the negative consequences that could stem from a conviction it is advisable to seek counsel’s advice prior to seeing the Judge.